Eating Disorders can be Dangerous

Find your eating habit…. Eat good, feel good.

Are you someone who goes straight to restaurants or tries junk food when stressed? This cannot be termed as simple craving, it is an eating disorder. Shocked? Improper eating styles and not eating in regular intervals can also be symptoms of Eating Disorder. It not only affects our body but can also disturb our mental health. Depression, mood swings, anxiety, stress etc can lead to this. There are many types of Eating Disorders. Let's know more about it and learn how to prevent it. Rather than attacking our food let's learn to enjoy our food.


Many people have the tendency to become more and more slim. They care about their body size and shape more than their health. This disorder is caused due to over exercise and skipping meals in the name of diet. They eat very little food and make that too ooze out their body through various means like medications and harsh exercises. A person who leads or is attracted towards a celebrity and fashionable life is more likely to get this disorder. They become underweight and will be having low immunity which attracts many diseases. They tend to follow inappropriate diet practices and jump from one diet to the other without much research. Also does harsh exercises which are unhealthy for their body. Constipation, osteoporosis, dehydration, low blood pressure, variable heart rate, dry skin, insomnia are some of the consequences of this disorder. It is always better to follow a proper exercise and diet as suggested by your dietician. Also while making celebrities your role models always remember that they do exercises and take diets with the help of professionals.

Bulimia Nervosa

These people love their food too much and eat more. But afterwards they get a tendency to puke out the food as they will be unhappy with the fact that they are going to gain weight. Every age group of both men and women face this disease. In one hour they eat almost 3000-5000 calories and get it out of their body by puking. Someone who is suffering from depression can have this disease. With this method the body won't get enough energy or proteins thus can even affect the functioning of your brain. Low concentration is also a consequence. It is always important to follow a healthy eating style.

Binge Eating

People with this eating disorder eat a large quantity of food in a short period of time. They don't have any control over their food. It doesn't matter if they need the food or not. They just keep on eating. Sometimes they regret this eating manner of theirs but this doesn't mean that they stop eating.

Orthorexia Nervosa

Over consciousness about health is the clue to this disorder. These people only eat healthy food items. Obviously this is good. But they follow their own healthy meal. If they feel that oil is not good for health then they completely avoid it. But our body needs a certain amount of oil both visible and invisible. Also a particular amount of carbohydrate is very important for our body. These people won't get the nutrients that their body requires. Forming their own healthy diets without the help of a physician is the main cause. So always remember that being over health conscious is also not healthy.

Night Eating Syndrome

People with this eating disorder will have no control over their food. They will mostly be obese and overweight. They tend to eat more after evening and eat without regular intervals even though they are not hungry. Mostly they eat junk food in this manner which can cause health issues and they eat late. It's very important to eat dinner before three hours of sleep. This three hours is for the digestion of the food.


People sometimes eat non food items like paper, hair, cloth etc. It maybe in a small amount but don't consider this a fun. It is a very serious eating disorder which cause iron deficiency in the human body. It's mostly seen in children, teenagers and pregnant women. This can even cause problems in the functioning of liver. The object and the amount of intake can cause various health problems.

Restrictive Eating

Similar to Anorexia this eating disorder can be defined as the low intake of food. But it differs from anorexia in another way. These people eat less not because they are conscious of their body shape or size but they do this in general. They avoid certain food items because it may have a particular colour, texture, smell etc. This can cause low intake of nutrients and underweight.


Here we list some remedies for these eating disorders. But remember it's always better to consult a physician or dietician..

  • If it's becoming uncontrollable, consult a psychiatrist. Sometimes you will have to take antidepressants.

  • Never hesitate to consult a dietitian for a healthy diet plan. And most importantly never hide anything from your dr. about routine, habits, lifestyle etc.

  • Sometimes the tendency to avoid food or overeating may be due to imbalance in hormones. This can be controlled with meditation and yoga.

  • Divert your attention and do something else that makes you happy..

  • Try to eat a proper portion of food in a regular interval that includes a good amount of calories. A proper plan should be followed strictly for a healthy body, mind and soul.

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